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Lotus Glassworks has been offering high quality glass artwork pipes for over 16 years. With this web site, the gap between customer and artist can be bridged. Continuous updating allows you direct access to the latest designs I have to offer.


Check out the new Darkness series! Sandblasted

black glass with a matte finish! Just click the pics.



Glass is a true passion of mine. I have been captivated by it's fluid nature since the very first time I attempted to make a simple glass bead. I consistently strive to better my work. I am never satisfied unless I am pushing myself to make my work better. I want each glass piece to be exciting and unique. As time progresses, so does the quality and innovation of the pipes. I have been working with borosilicate glass on the bench for over 16 years now and I am still learning, and always will be.

You know you can purchase with confidence when such dedication and experience is going into every piece I make. I advise you to browse my site and take a look at all I have to offer. Don't see anything that really catches your eye? Contact me and let me know what it is you desire in your glass pipe, and we can work out a custom order





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