Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to email me if your question is not answered here.
Orders from Pennsylvania, Idaho and Iowa will not be accepted!!!!!

Why won't you respond to my emails? This is the number one question I receive. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR SPAM FILTER IS NOT DELETING MY EMAILS. You can do this by adding jesse@lotusglass.com. Spam filtering is useful technology, but some email providers like AOL, Yahoo, and Hotmail have filters that are way too sensitive and block all email from any unknown sender, effectively limiting the purpose of email. Communication with my customers is a TOP PRIORITY. Your emails will be answered promptly (within 24 hours in most cases), so if you have not heard from me, chances are, it is your email software. Check your junk mail folder if in doubt, and, as mentioned before, add jesse@lotusglass.com to your address book.

Will you send my order to any address? Absolutly not. Your credit card's billing address and your shipping address must match EXACTLY, otherwise your order will not be processed. My merchant services uses an address verification system, so please do not try to get around this as you will simply be wasting both your time and my time. I cannot send an order to any other address than the billing address of the credit card holder. Also note that I will not ship any order to Pennsylvania or Iowa.

Where is my order? As stated below, out of stock pieces can take up to three weeks to complete and send out. Please email me if you have any questions about the status of an order you have placed. I answer most emails well within 24 hours.

How are the packages shipped? All orders are sent out USPS Priority mail or Express mail with delivery confirmation in either USPS provided packing materials or plain white or brown boxes. Every order simply has LGW listed as the return address. Everything is discreet, with no indication of the products inside.

Are the photos the actual pieces for sale? Unless otherwise stated, the photos are only visual representations of the pieces being offered for sale. Each piece is unique due to the hand crafted and creative aspects of the art of glass blowing. Your glass will look similar in shape and design, but there will be some variation from piece to piece. All of my work is guaranteed to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Do all of the pieces change color? Most of the pieces featured on my site will change color with use. Some of the solid color worked pieces (for example the Rainbow Sidecar Bubbler) will not change color.

How durable are the pieces? Each piece is crafted from heavy wall borosilicate glass tubing. The finished product is annealed to rid the glass of any stress induced during the working process. They are very resistant to impact and thermal shock. Glass is still glass however, and it will break if abused.

How long will my order take? Turn around time on orders depends on a variety of factors. All work is done by me alone and I can only do so much. The average time for the order to be shipped is about two weeks. Although during really busy periods it can take up to four weeks. Rest assured that your card will not be charged until the day I start your piece. Please keep that in mind so that funds will be available when your order is processed. Most of my business is from return customers/collectors and word of mouth referrals, so be confident that you are getting a quality piece of work with every order!

Can I customize my piece? I take general suggestions for customization, basic color scheme, carb placement, etc. Requests must be within reason though. Totally custom pieces are available upon request, however I require payment before the piece is commissioned, and I cannot except refunds or exchanges for custom work. Please keep in mind that I will only make a custom order if I have creative control over the design. If your design or suggestion is something I do not like, then the work would suffer. I only make work that I like personally. This is not meant to sound rude, I just want to make sure that I put my full capibilities into each piece. I will not duplicate another artist's work and I do not make animal pipes. If you like my work well enough to place a custom order, you will not be dissatisfied.

What if the glass breaks on the way to me? Breakage is extremely rare, but if you are so unlucky as to receive broken merchandise please save all of the glass as well as the original box and packing material. Contact me at your earliest conveinience and we will work out a solution.